Why should I become an OLLI Member?

OLLI is a membership-based, non-profit organization. We rely on membership fees to offset our costs for organizing and holding courses. People who are members of OLLI contribute to the OLLI community and receive membership benefits, which entitle you to:

  • Enroll in OLLI courses
  • Enroll in Discussion Groups
  • Receive OLLI course catalogs and newsletters
  • Receive advanced notice of activities and events not listed in the catalog
  • Participate in our special Summer/Winter Lecture Series
  • Attend Member-Only Events such as Members’ Happy Hours

How long does my membership last?

OLLI at UVA has two semesters, fall and spring, and memberships must be renewed at the start of each semester.

Who can register for OLLI courses?

You must first become an OLLI Member in order to register for OLLI courses. 

 How much does it cost to take a course?

In order to take courses each semester, you must first become an OLLI member.  The OLLI Membership fee is $75 for each semester and is non-refundable, covering the host of benefits described above.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, please call the OLLI office at 434-923-3600 to apply for a scholarship. We have a simply, not questions asked scholarship policy.

How do I register for a course?

You may register by going to our online registration website, OLLI Online. Once online registration is open each semester, January 19 for Spring 2021, using the online system is the best way to ensure enrollment in your desired OLLI courses.

For tips on how to register using our new online registration system, click here.

What happens if courses I request are already full?

When you register online, you will immediately know which courses are full and which courses have space available. If you opt to register for a course that is full, you will be placed on that course’s wait list. You will not be charged tuition for those courses for which you are wait listed.  If a spot becomes available, the OLLI office will contact people on the wait list in the order they were added to said list. Please do not attempt to join the course unless you are contacted by our staff first. 

If I bring my registration form right down to your office, am I assured a place in the course?

Please note: registrations dropped off at the office, as well as registrations received at the OLLI office by the postal service, will not be processed until registration opens. We will open registration on the same day and at the same time for everyone and will process printed registrations concurrently with OLLI members who are registering online. We believe this system gives all our members equal possibility of enrollment in their chosen courses. 

How do I add, withdraw from, or get a refund for an OLLI course?

You may add courses throughout the semester by using OLLI’s Online Registration site, OLLI Online.

In the event that you must withdraw from a course, please contact the OLLI office directly by email at olliuva@virginia.edu or by phone at 434-923-3600. This allows us to process your request and notifies us that we have an enrollment opening, which we can then offer to the next person on the wait list.

Course fee refunds must be requested at least two weeks prior to the course start date. 

Outing refunds will be given only if your spot can be filled. 

 How do I find my course location?

    1. Individual course listings on the OLLI at UVA registration website have a hyperlinked to the location on Google Maps. Hover over the name of the Course Location for a link to Google Maps.
    2. Your course confirmation email and “My Account” on the registration website will list the course location, along with day of week, dates, and class meeting times.
    3. Written driving directions to all OLLI class locations can be found here

May I bring a Guest to class?

OLLI courses are intended for OLLI members. If an OLLI member would like to bring a non-member guest, you must first request the approval in advance by the OLLI office to have a guest attend one class session only

Can someone attend a class in my place if I am unable to attend?

Because OLLI courses are for members only, there are no “Standing Room Only” or “I’m attending in place of my spouse/ friend/etc.” policies. 

Why are there sometimes empty seats in a course that has a waiting list? Does this mean that there is room in the course?

Empty seats do not mean there is room in the course.

OLLI instructors set the course enrollment limits when they submit their course proposals. Instructors limit the size of their classes to what they feel will provide students with the best experience possible.

Often all of the enrolled members do not attend all of the classes.  Also, multiple courses maybe scheduled in the location and the classroom set up for the  largest enrollment number, to be efficient with our resources.

Do you hold class if the weather is bad ?

Please link to our Inclement Weather Policy here.

Personal safety is the key consideration when there is inclement weather. 

What benefits do Instructors receive?

Instructors will be provided free tuition at OLLI at UVA for two semesters (the semester in which you teach and the following semester).  

In addition, OLLI at UVA also gives a $50 discount on courses for instructor’s spouse/partner (the semester in which their spouse/partner teaches and the following semester).

Are OLLI’s virtual meetings recorded?

No, OLLI does not record virtual meetings. This is to protect privacy and inclusion, and to prevent copyright issues. To learn more about why, view this flyer