Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Who can register for OLLI courses?

OLLI courses are designed for adults 50 years of age and beyond, although people of all ages may enroll.

How do I register for a course?

Two options are available.  You may register online by going to our online registration website. Alternately, you can complete one of the registration forms located in the back of the print catalog or available online, here.  Form of payment is either by check or credit card. Enclose the registration form and your check (payable to UVa Fund/OLLI) or credit card information and mail to the OLLI office — 1160 Pepsi Place, Suite 114, Charlottesville, VA  22901. Online registration is the best way to register as soon as possible for OLLI courses.

What happens if courses I request are already full?

When you register online, you will immediately know which courses are full and which courses have space available.  If you go ahead and register for a course that is full, you will be placed on that course’s waitlist.  If a spot then becomes available, we call people on the waitlist in the order they were added, so registering early–even for courses that are already full–is the best way to get into the courses you really want.

When registering using the paper registration form, please list your course requests by priority and indicate alternatives. In the event that a requested course is full, you will be placed on the waiting list for the preferred course, and will also be enrolled in the alternate you have listed. We will call you if a space opens up in the preferred course, so that you can decide if you want to enroll in the preferred course and drop the alternative. In the rare case that all your requested and alternate courses are full, we will still place you on the waiting list for those courses, but will also call you to see if you would like to choose other alternate courses.

If I bring my registration right down to your office, am I assured a place in the course?

No.  Registrations dropped off at the office will not be processed until registration opens.  Because our catalog is distributed over a wide region, we must allow time for everyone in our membership area to either receive their catalog or to view the catalog online. We will open registration on the same day for everyone and will process printed registrations at the same time OLLI members are registering online. We believe this system gives all our members equal possibility of enrollment in their chosen courses. Online registration is the best way to register as soon as possible for OLLI courses.

 How much does it cost to take a course?

In order to take courses each semester, you must first become a member.  Membership is $50 and is non-refundable. Then, tuition for your first course is $50.  After paying the initial $100 for membership and your first course’s tuition, all additional courses are only $10 each.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, please call the OLLI office at 434-923-3600 or 877-861-9207 to find out more about scholarships.

Are discounts available?

OLLI at UVA offers a $10 discount to current Senior Center members and a $20 discount to Life Members of the UVa Alumni Association.

How do I add, drop, or get a refund for an OLLI class?

You may add courses throughout the semester by using OLLI’s Online Registration site, OLLI Online.

In the event that you must drop from a course, please contact the OLLI office directly by email at or by phone at 434-923-3600 or 877-861-9207 (toll free).  This allows us to process your request and notifies us that a spot has opened up in a class, a spot which we can then offer to the next person on the waitlist.

Please refer to our registration policies or call the OLLI office at 434-923-3600 or 877-861-9207 (toll free) to learn more about dropping courses and refunds.

Please note though that, once paid, the $50 membership fee is nonrefundable.

How long does my membership last?

OLLI at UVa has two semesters, fall and spring, and memberships must be renewed at the start of each semester.

 Where are classes held?

In Charlottesville — Most classes are held at either the Senior Center located at 1180 Pepsi Place, at Meadows Presbyterian Church located at 2200 Angus Road, or at Church of the Incarnation at 1465 Incarnation Drive.

In the Valley — Most classes are held at The R.R. Smith Center which is located at 20 South New Street, Staunton.

Directions to all OLLI class locations can be found here.  Alternate directions to OLLI Classroom sites may be found on Google Maps or on the websites of the hosting organizations.

Where do I park for my OLLI classes?

In Charlottesville — The Senior Center, Meadows Presbyterian Church, and Church of the Incarnation have a large number of parking spaces available for OLLI participants. Please check the course description in the print catalog or online for directions and parking.

In the Valley — Street parking is available for free, and the New Street Parking Garage is directly across from the R. R. Smith Center at a rate of $1 per hour.

Are OLLI facilities accessible?

OLLI at UVa encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities.  Most OLLI classroom locations   are readily accessible and include one accessible rest room.  If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please call the OLLI office at 434-923-3600 or 877-861-9207 (toll free) in advance of your participation or visit.

Is there a Guest policy for Outings?

Since we are a membership organization, our members are notified first and given priority when signing up for an Outing. If space is available, we allow a guest to attend an Outing.

Is there a Guest policy for Special Presentations?

Special Presentations are open to the public.  They are, therefore, an excellent opportunity to showcase OLLI to non-members, and guests are encouraged.

However, we are a membership organization, and our members are notified first and given priority when signing up for Special Presentations.

May I bring a Guest to class?

OLLI’s established guest policy is this: if someone who is not registered wants to attend a class, he or she is welcome to attend that class only if (1) he or she has never been a member of OLLI, (2) there is space in the classroom and (3) the instructor approves (preferably in advance).  If that person wishes to attend future classes, he or she will need to register through OLLI.

OLLI is a membership-based, non-profit organization. We rely on membership fees to offset our costs for organizing and holding courses. People who are members of OLLI contribute to the OLLI community and receive the benefit of such membership by attending courses. People who are not members cannot be allowed to receive the same benefits as members without bearing their fair share of the financial burden.  Consequently, there are no “Standing Room Only” or “I’m attending in place of my spouse/best friend/someone-who’s-out-of-town” policies.

Do you hold class if the weather is bad or if there is a community emergency?

In Charlottesville — OLLI classes in all Charlottesville-area locations follow the City of Charlottesville Public Schools on cancellations and delayed openings.  The City of Charlottesville Public Schools’ website will notify members of the public in the event of a closure or delay.

In the Valley — OLLI classes in all Valley locations follow the City of Staunton Public Schools on cancellations and delayed openings.  Information regarding closures and delays can be found on City of Staunton Public Schools’ website.

If either school district cancels classes due to weather or other emergency, OLLI classes in that district are cancelled as well.

However, delayed openings only affect OLLI classes beginning prior to 11:00am.  If there is a delay of any length in one of the affected school districts, only OLLI classes in that district scheduled to begin before 11:00am are cancelled and will be rescheduled, if possible.  There will be a message on OLLI’s office phone (434-923-3600 or 877-861-9207) by 8:00am. We will also post updates on our home page and on OLLI at UVa’s Facebook page.

School cancellations are reported on local TV, Radio, and local news and county public school websites.

Additional information can be found here.

What benefits do Instructors receive?

While we do not provide financial compensation, you will be provided free tuition at OLLI at UVa for two semesters – the semester in which you teach and the following semester.

Additionally, your spouse or significant other is eligible to take free classes but must become an OLLI member which simply requires paying our $50 Membership fee.

Information about becoming an OLLI Instructor can be found here.