Join OLLI’s Dynamic, Friendly Team of Volunteers!

Looking for Volunteers for OLLIVolunteers are essential to OLLI’s mission and success.  By helping behind-the-scenes, volunteers are the key to establishing OLLI’s positive reputation with our membership and the communities we serve.

Our volunteers find the experience of working with our knowledgeable instructors and dedicated staff members to be a valuable and rewarding experience.

Looking for volunteers

OLLI has a wide-range of opportunities for interested volunteers.  If you’re interested in contributing your time and expertise, see which of these possibilities best suits you:

  • Class Moderator (specific to virtual classes): The class moderator supports the instructor and classmates in a Zoom class by admitting class members from the waiting room and managing the Q&A period. In some classes, at the instructor’s request, they may also run PowerPoint slides, help lead class discussion and the like. Before the start of each semester volunteers are matched with classes and training is offered. See the OLLI Class Moderator Position Description.  If you’re interested, please contact Liz Courain, OLLI’s Volunteer and Events Coordinator.
  • Writers– Volunteer writers and researchers assist with member publications like the biannual newsletter each Spring and Fall which features short articles about OLLI members and events.  If you’re interested in contributing to either of these projects, please contact Leslie Pont, OLLI’s Executive Director.
  • Hospitality (has been modified for Virtual Events)  – Assist with special events including A Taste of OLLI, Happy Hours, and other OLLI social functions. Contact Liz Courain.
  • Class Assistant (this role is specific to in-person courses) – As a class assistant you’ll serve as a vital liaison between OLLI, class participants, and the instructor. Greet members, check attendance, distribute handouts and evaluations, help set up for presentations, and generally assist the instructor in preparing for class.  See the OLLI Class Assistant Position Description. Training is offered in Charlottesville and the Valley prior to the start of each session. If you’re interested, please contact Liz Courain, OLLI’s Volunteer and Events Coordinator.
  • Join the Tech Team (this role is specific to in-person courses) – If you like computers and electronics and are knowledgeable in this field or are interested in learning more about them, OLLI and our instructors are always in need of extra support with Audio-Visual equipment. We generally use just a few software programs (mostly PowerPoint) on laptops connected to data projectors. However, we also use DVD/CD players, slide projectors, PA systems, and even overhead projectors, on occasion. Training and support are available. If you are inexperienced with Audio-Visual Equipment but interested and willing to learn, please let us know you’re interested, and we will happily teach you everything you’ll need to know! Contact Steve Bevis, OLLI’s Program Coordinator.
  • Event Photographer –  This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has taken one of OLLI’s photography courses, but formal experience is not necessary. If you are available to photograph events, such as Taste of OLLI, Special Presentations, Travel Presentations, or Volunteer Appreciation Events, we would love to hear from you! If you’re interested, please contact Liz Courain.
  • OLLI Outings – The Outings Committee is actively looking for people with creative ideas to plan new one-day excursions for our members  OLLI Outings are fun, educational opportunities to socialize with other people interested in day trips and lifelong learning. If you have ideas and would like help us plan trips for our members, please contact the OLLI office.
  • Office support – To help keep OLLI at UVA a lean and cost-efficient organization, we rely on volunteers for administrative support. Typical duties include: greeting visitors, answering the phone, copying instructor handouts for class participants, calling members when needed, helping with mailings, preparing for catalog distribution, organizing class materials for instructors and class assistants, and many other project-related duties. You can volunteer on a regular schedule or serve as an “on-call” volunteer to help out with major projects. If interested, please contact Liz Courain.

We hope you will contribute your time and efforts by volunteering for OLLI. Volunteers are essential to OLLI’s success, and as we continue to expand our program offerings, we need more and more help. If you are interested, call the OLLI office at 434-923-3600, or contact Liz Courain.