Board of Directors, Officers, Committees, Staff

Officers and Board of Directors

Elliot Mininberg,
Al Layne,
Joan Fry,
Vice President
Ralph Bledsoe Laura Hawthorne Allen Hench
Myrle Langley James McGrath Deborah T. Metz
Leigh Middleditch, Jr. L. Dudley Miller Gary Nimax
Gordon Stewart .


Facilities Audrey Gottlieb
Finance Robert Sack
Information Technology Jeffrey Morton
OLLI Outings Grace Giras
Program Grace Giras
Public Relations Tyson Janney
     Editor Michele Adams
     Catalog/Newsletter Production Susan Thomas


Executive Director Beth Barber
Technology and Project Manager Vacant
Program Manager Marcia Fleming
Office Manager Kathy Woodard
Office Assistant Sharlee Van Orden

OLLI at U.Va. is an all-volunteer organization with the exception of part-time office staff and production staff. Course instructors are specialists in their fields. Many are professors from the University of Virginia and from universities across the United States; others are professionals from the community at large.