New (free) online courses coming soon to UVa!

Good news for all of us who enjoy learning at home!

U.Va. will offer four non-credit courses starting in 2013 – three from the College and one from Darden.

The College courses will be in physics, philosophy and history:

• Taught by physics professor and celebrated lecturer Lou Bloomfield, “How Things Work” is a practical introduction to physics and science in everyday life, using an approach for non-science students.

• “Know Thyself,” taught by Mitch Green, Horace W Goldsmith Distinguished Teaching Professor in Humanities, is described as “an investigation of the nature and limits of self-knowledge from the viewpoints of philosophy, psychoanalysis, experimental psychology, neuroscience, aesthetics and Buddhism.”

• Philip Zelikow’s course, “The Modern World: Global History Since 1760,” is for those who wish to understand how the world got to be the way it is. Zelikow, the White Burkett Miller Professor of History, describes the course as a survey of modern world history, from a global perspective, beginning with the economic and political revolutions of the late 18th century and ending with contemporary conditions.

via U.Va. Enters Agreement To Distribute Courses Online.

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